The airbag module is part of the airbag, which is considered one of the most important parts in the car, especially in the event of an accident. This module is a small computer located in the car that constantly monitors the airbag system. When it registers a shock, it causes the airbags to deploy. So it constantly measures the state of the entire system. If there is a situation where it is necessary for airbags to deploy, the module will take care of this. It also then remembers that this has happened.

Airbag faulty?

When the airbag has deployed in an accident, the airbag module will remember this. In that case, you can do two things: first, you can buy a new airbag module, but the prices for this quickly increase, or you can have the module repaired. During a repair, the airbag module is reprogrammed so that it is in the same condition as it was before the collision. The advantage of this is that a completely new module does not have to be purchased, but nowadays many car brands still have to replace the airbag module after an accident. In the first place, of course, ensures that your car is in a safe condition again.

Cost for repair an airbag-unit

Reman company to repair an airbag-unit