A catalytic converter is a part of the car which is located under the car near the exhaust. It ensures that the harmful combustion gases are converted into substances such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor.
Inside the catalytic converter is a block with the appearance of a honeycomb.

It is impregnated with a mix of Platinum and Rhodium or Palladium. These precious metals create a chemical reaction so that the harmful combustion gases such as carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides are converted into less harmful substances such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor.

Constipated or faulty catalytic?

A catalytic converter does not clog up very quickly. If a catalytic converter never gets hot enough because of too many short distances being driven, the deposits deposited can cause the catalytic converter to become blocked. Incorrect fuel filling can also destroy a catalytic converter.

However, when a catalyst is completely clogged, the only solution is to replace that catalyst. You can try to prevent a catalytic converter from becoming clogged by properly maintaining the car, refueling the correct fuel and ensuring that you regularly drive a long distance so that the temperature in the catalytic converter is high enough.

Cost for repair an catalytic

Reman company to repair an catalytic