A dent or a broken window can be repaired in no time. But what if the heart of your car breaks? A completely new engine costs a lot of money, just like a new gearbox or cylinder head. Instead of replacing the part directly, you can choose to have it reconditioned or replace it with a reconditioned part.

What is reman(ufacturing)

Overhaul means that a car part is refurbished and thus gets a second life. The car part is taken apart and all individual parts are thoroughly cleaned (brushing, grinding, polishing, blasting, etc.). Worn parts are replaced by new ones. Then everything is put back together and the part is like new again.

What is the difference between repair and remanufacturing?

Repair is replacing or repairing that which has disrupted the operation. In other words, removing the reason why something no longer works. Remanufacturing goes much further, as, in addition to these parts. The parts are also replaced that are not defective, but can eventually become defective. Every part is examined, modifications are also made. After manufacturing, the product can last at least as long as a new product.

What are the benefits of remanufactering

Overhaul is cheaper than installing a completely new part. A problem such as a defective engine can be quite expensive. Because a reconditioned part is as good as new, it will last longer than an ordinary second-hand part. Remanucatering is also sustainable. In fact, it is the reuse of an existing part. So it not only makes you happy, but also the environment.

What does remanufactering cost?

The cost of overhaul depends on many different factors. First, a proper diagnosis of the problem is needed. The car company or overhaul company can then make a quote for you.