ABS (Anti lock Braking System)

ABS is designed to keep the car controllable during an emergency stop. By measuring the rotation speeds of all wheels with dedicated speed sensors, the system can detect whether a wheel is about to lock up. If so, ABS will briefly release the braking pressure from the specific brake calliper. As soon as the wheel regains traction and starts rotating again, the system will restart the pressure build up in order to slow down the car. This process repeats itself every couple of milliseconds during braking.

What if the ABS warning light appears on the dash?

In that case there’s a failure in the system. Unfortunately many parts within ABS could fail, so it’s key to first determine the source of the fault. You should always check the wheel speed sensors and the wheel speed rings. These can become dirty or even damaged in some cases, resulting in numerous problems. If cleaning them doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll need to replace them. But an ABS failure could also mean that the main control unit has a problem. This often results in replacing or remanufacturing the complete unit: so pump, hydraulic control unit (HCU) and electronic control unit (ECU) altogether.

What does it cost to remanufacture a complete ABS unit?

Well, that depends, but it’s always a lot cheaper than buying a new part. Remanufacturing mostly costs between 25% and 30% of a new unit without losing out on quality or warranty. So in fact remanufacturing is a great deal. And you’re recycling so helping out the environment as well!

What reman company should I choose for the repair / remanufacturing of an ABS unit?

At the moment both BBA Reman and ACtronics are the most experienced and most thrusted companies in Europe, but there are other smaller companies as well. Just choose the one that helps you out and has the most knowledge.

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