Airbag module

The airbag system consists of several airbags, numerous sensors and a control unit (also known as ‘module’). In case of an accident the sensors measure whether the impact is severe enough. If so, a signal will be sent to the module. This module then will trigger on or more airbags to deploy.

What if the airbag warning light appears on the dash?

In that case there’s clearly something wrong within the airbag system. This could be a small problem, such as a loose connection from a weight sensor in the passenger seat. However the airbag warning light will also appear in case of larger problems such as a failing module. The warning light will also stay on after an accident. Unfortunately there’s no easy fix to reset the airbag module in this case: the system is designed to be replaced right after an accident. Some companies are able to reprogram the module and will offer this service as part of a repair or rebuild.

What does it cost to remanufacture an airbag module?

Rebuilding or reprogramming an airbag module costs max. 50% of a new unit without losing out on quality or warranty. But bear in mind that the airbag system is a safety feature, so only choose for trustworthy companies. Having that said, remanufacturing really is a great deal. And it also contributes to a sustainable future.

What reman company should I choose for the repair / remanufacturing of an airbag module?

Like said earlier: only choose for trustworthy companies. It’s a safety feature so please do your research before you choose for repair or remanufacturing.

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