BBA-reman is an automotive overhaul company and has been active in England since 1998 and located in 11 countries. The head office is located in Rochester, England and has several offices in other countries such as: America, Germany, France, Spain & Mexico.

Remanufactering by BBA-reman

BBA-reman has a wide range of auto parts that can be reconditioned for different car brands. A reconditioned part is better in quality and cheaper than a new OEM part. During remanufactering proces, the defects of the part that have not been improved or renewed in a new part are addressed and this is tested by BBA-reman. BBA reman remanufactured many different car parts in a number of categories:

  • ECU
  • Throttle bodies
  • Air conditioning 
  • Air mass meters
  • Catalysts
  • Airbag units
  • Instrument clusters


Unit 1 Stirling Park Laker Road Rochester ME1 3QR United Kingdom