BCU (Body Control Unit)

The body control unit is the center for all kinds of functions that couldn’t be placed elsewhere. We’re talking about systems like central door locking, automated windows, automated lighting systems and window wipers. Therefor it’s not that hard to recognize a BCU, because it’s part computer part fusebox. Just look at the picture and you’ll know what we mean.

What if the BCU fails?

Well that’s an easy one: just replace it or let it be remanufactured.

What does it cost to remanufacture the body control unit?

Well it’s certainly a lot cheaper than buying a new part, that’s for sure. It mostly costs between 25% and 30% of a new part. But the costs are not the only benefit of remanufacturing. The part doesn’t need reprogramming and your helping the environment, because it’s basically a form of recycling. Win-win!

What reman company should I choose for the repair / remanufacturing of the BCU?

BBA Reman and ACtronics immediately come to mind, but there are others out there. Just be careful you don’t choose for a company without experience.

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