Catalyst converter

A catalyst converter (also known as cat or catalyst) is part of the exhaust system. It ensures that harmful fumes are converted into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapour. The inside of the catalyst converter looks very much like a honeycomb and is plated with precious metals such as platinum, rhodium and / or palladium. These metals contribute in converting CO’s, NOx’s and HCO’s into N2, CO2 and H2O. They are basically the accelerators to give the chemical reactions the energy to start up.

What if the cat fails?

Well basically a catalytic converter doesn’t fail, but just gets clogged up. Most times this happens because of over fueling, so a handy tip for you: Diagnose the source of all problems before you replace or repair the catalyst converter! Sometimes you can still clean the catalyst converter, but once the blockage becomes too much, you can’t do much about it anymore.

What does it cost to remanufacture a catalyst converter?

That really depends on the size and type of cat, but it’s always way cheaper than buying a new part.

What reman company should I choose for the repair / remanufacturing of a cat?

Actually there are a lot of local companies that will offer you this service. It’s mostly on an exchange basis: you’ll send your old part and you’ll receive a repaired one.

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