Good quality used car parts are not only much cheaper to purchase car parts, but they are also much more environmentally friendly. Because where the demand for new car products falls, our stock of (ecological) raw materials will be used less brutally, as if there is no end to what nature can give us. By giving car parts a second life, we not only pay attention to our wallet, but also to the future of our planet.

Defective car parts

You take your car away for a service by the garage and guess what? The garage owner reports that a part must be replaced. That’s a shame, because new parts can be quite pricey.
Fortunately, you can often save considerably on the maintenance bill by asking your garage owner

if he does not want to use an expensive branded part for replacement, but a used or reconditioned part. In some cases – think of your brakes, for example – you want a new part to be installed, but even then you can save money by opting for imitation or ‘unbranded’ part.

Benefits of remanufactured car parts?

Overhauling auto parts has many advantages over replacing new parts. During an overhaul, the parts are completely checked. All parts are checked for function, wear and damage.

  • Remanufacturing is cheaper
  • Remanufacturing is sustainable
  • Same part is replaced, new product sometimes has to be reset (extra costs)
  • Remanufactured parts last longer

Remanufacturing companies for garage owners