ECU (Engine Control Unit)

The ECU is basically the brains of the engine, using all sorts of signals in order to calculate and send out the right outputs. It uses stored engine maps to determine how much fuel is needed, when the mixture needs to be ignited and so on. More advanced ECU’s also cooperate with other electronic parts such as the electronic throttle body, the anti lock braking system and the transmission control unit.

What if the engine warning light appears on the dash?

In that case there’s a failure in the engine management system (EMS). Unfortunately many parts within the EMS could fail, so it’s key to first determine the source of the problem. A defective ECU is a common problem so don’t rule it out too soon. An ECU is a complicated part (software and hardware), so leave it to professionals in order to repair or replace it.

What does it cost to remanufacture an ECU?

Depending on the level of difficulty this varies from euros all the way up to 300 euros. That’s still way below the costs of a new part, without losing out on warranty or quality. Remanufacturing also helps in the development of a sustainable future. So all in all remanufacturing is a great choice.

What company should I choose for the repair / remanufacturing of an ECU?

We would recommend experienced companies like BBA Reman and ACtronics for these kinds of repairs, but there are also a number of great small parties that have the knowledge. Choose wisely since it’s an expensive part.

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