In a car, several gauges are often mounted on the dashboard. These can be used to monitor the condition of the car while driving. You can think of a temperature gauge, rev counter and speedometer. The odometer is often also located here. The odometer of a car indicates how many kilometers the car has driven in total. In newer cars, this odometer is often a digital version that is displayed by the car’s on-board computer. With older models, this is often analog and the numbers still rotate.

Gauges faulty?

When one or more instruments on the dashboard panel stop working, it can be difficult to keep driving properly. If the odometer is defective it is difficult to show how many kilometers you have driven. This can affect the wear of some parts of the car such as the timing belt, which must be replaced after a certain number of kilometers. When the odometer is defective, it must be replaced by another one.

Cost for repair an instrument cluster

Reman company to repair an instrument cluster